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About us

Transitus is an Italian translation agency at the service of all companies, both Italian and/or international, which operate in global markets, especially those for product export.

Are all translation agencies the same?

The professional approach of suppliers determines the successful outcome of a translation job.

When you sell products abroad, thousands of miles from your company’s offices, potential buyers can only base their opinion on what they read. By taking care of the translations, we are, therefore, responsible for your image.

We focus on the quality of our work because a satisfied customer is worth so much more than a thousand slogans. Every successful project is the finishing line of a carefully planned and shared path that can be traced at every stage.

Since 2011 Transitus has continued to grow, today having more than 10 internal resources and collaborating with more than 2000 professional translators; we have received important certification guaranteeing the quality of our work and we are specialised in translation in key technical and manufacturing sectors.

Since 2016, we have also been assisting international companies with translations starting from a foreign language. The future of our brand is increasingly aimed at international markets.

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Our values

Quality, speed and certified processes, as well as clarity, transparency, honesty and open-mindedness: these are the value which guide us and inspire our work. We also uphold a code of ethics to ensure we create the best possible partnership with all our customers.

Relationships with the customer and translators

  • The customer receives very detailed information right from the moment the commercial offer is prepared, including costs, and real and personalised job time frames. This means you know that your translation job is in competent hands.
  • Transitus professional translators live and work with enthusiasm all over the world, so they have different time zones, cultures and lifestyles. Understanding and respecting them is the only way to work with such a large number of people of different nationalities.

    For example: a translator may not be available on a working day in Italy because it is a national holiday in his/her country. This is a calculated risk that we are used to handling without prolonging the delivery times.

We offer services, so we sell hours of our time and we want that time to be spent well for all concerned.

Why choose Transitus?

We have already mentioned some of the reasons: because we are quick, reliable and flexible, we have over ten years’ experience and we know how to offer a personalised service.

But when you have to decide between one translation agency and another, the hard facts are what make the difference. Here are just a few:

  • we work with over 2,000 customers
  • we are one of the top ten Italian translating companies
  • we have issued over 8,000 quotes, 90% of which within two hours of receiving the request
  • we handle 5,000 translation projects per year. Every project involves an average of three languages, meaning that every year we plan over 15,000 translations in our pool of translators
  • we have translated over one million terms
  • we maintain a translation memory for every customer
  • we invest significantly in IT and have developed in-house our own interfaces to manage the work flow of the translation projects
  • each stage of the translation project is traced and ISO 9001/2008 certified
  • 95% of our projects have been delivered one day in advance; the same percentage of customers is satisfied with our work and would recommend us to another company as a supplier
  • Two out of three customers choose us for a second translation job

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