Frequently Asked Questions

Questions frequently asked by users.

Here you’ll find a list of all the most commonly asked questions and answers provided to our newest contacts.

How can I send the files to be quoted?2018-04-06T11:17:04+02:00

You can send the files as an attachment to the email request to marketing@transitus-group.com or vendite@transitus-group.com.

If the file is too large, let us know, you can send it directly to our FTP.

When will I receive the translated material?2018-04-06T11:17:04+02:00

This depends on the amount of material needing translation (i.e., the number of translation pages) and the type of documentation.

Our translators can translate on average 5 to 8 pages per day, up to a maximum of 10/12 pages per day for very important jobs.

Delivery times are indicated directly in the quote, so you’ll immediately know when the translated material will be returned.

If you have an urgent translation, don’t worry, our team of project managers is prepared to deal with all situations.

Do you offer translations with a short lead time?2018-04-06T11:17:04+02:00

Fast processing times is one of our strong points. We guarantee to send you a quote and your translated material in the shortest possible time; we always respect deadlines and can even help you with urgent orders without compromising the quality of the translation.

To do so, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve: an assisted translation software, TRADOS, which subdivides the text into segments/sentences, precisely calculating any repetitions. This way, the translator can work as efficiently and quickly as possible, translating recurring words and expressions once only and unequivocally.

Who actually does the translations?2018-04-06T11:17:03+02:00

The translations are done by certified native speakers with at least 5 years’ experience in the translation industry. We want to make sure your texts are always of the highest quality, that’s why we stay clear of makeshift translators. 

Do you prepare translations using automated software?2018-04-06T11:17:03+02:00

Absolutely not. Translation is a very complex process that requires technologically advanced tools to manage the entire project. However, the contribution of a qualified professional able to evaluate the text and select the most appropriate terminology and synonyms based on the context, is essential; these are all things that can’t be done by automated translation software. 

How can I receive a quote?2018-04-06T11:17:03+02:00

Simply send an email to marketing@transitus-group.com with the material that needs translating attached in a source format (for example .doc, .xls, .indd, etc.).

In the request remember to specify:

  • the language into which the file needs to be translated;
  • the type of document;
  • the eventual deadline.

Finally, leave your contact details for both the initial contact and final invoicing.

In no time at all, you will receive a quote with all the basic information and will be contacted by our sales department to jointly evaluate the various aspects of the project and clarify any doubts. 

How much does a translation cost?2018-04-06T11:17:03+02:00

The total cost of a translation varies depending on:

  • the length of the file (the number of translation pages)
  • the type of material
  • the number of repetitions in the text

We do a precise word count using our in-house programmes and have a price list with a specific rate per page for each language. The list is helpful but should only be used as a guide because we always apply a discount based on the percentage of repeated words. We recommend you request a personalised quote to find out the effective cost of the service you need.

What types of documents can you translate?2018-04-06T11:17:02+02:00

We translate all types of documentation: technical, legal, commercial, medical and so on; for a better idea, visit the sectors section where you’re sure to find the service you’re looking for.

Our translators are classified according to commodity sectors and are specialised in specific types of documentation: in this way, you can be assured that only the most appropriate terminology will be used in your texts. 

Can you also translate my website and e-commerce texts?2018-04-06T11:17:02+02:00

Definitely. We translate source files into any language and can re-insert the texts online; all you need to do is give us access. This way, your website will be translated into the requested language and ready for browsing in a single process. 

How can I be sure to receive a quality service?2018-04-06T11:17:02+02:00

All internal staff has more than 15 years’ experience and since its founding, Transitus has obtained five ISO quality certifications:

  • ISO9001 – certification for translation production and layout processes
  • EN15038 – certification for the translator selection and double-checking process
  • ISO27001 – certification for the confidentiality of our clients’ documents for translation
  • ISO14001 – certification for environmental protection

We are therefore able to guarantee two things:

  1. quality during all stages of internal processes. Before officially becoming part of the Transitus network, translators undergo a rigorous selection process involving an interview and a subsequent translation test, intended to evaluate their effective ability and skills. The entrance tests are checked and corrected by expert revisers with many years of experience.
  2. confidentiality of information received. Thanks to our dedicated software systems, your documentation circulates within our platform but can only be seen by the translator; no-one else has access.

Can you maintain the original file layout?2018-04-06T11:17:02+02:00

Absolutely, this is one of our strong points. We deliver the translated file in the same layout as the original file, ready for print; our internal graphic design department looks after this side of the project. We work with all types of graphics software without relying on third-party agencies; this allows us to stay competitive on processing costs and times. Indesign, Quark, Illustrator, Autocad, Frame Maker, XML files are just a few examples; check which programmes and formats we support on the multilingual layout page.

What is Transitus?2018-04-06T11:17:01+02:00

Transitus is an Italian-based professional translation company that provides services to more than 1,500 companies in more than 80 languages, covering all the most important commodity sectors and many types of documents. Since its founding, Transitus has obtained five ISO certifications and we are supported by a team of qualified native speaking translators. 

In which languages can I request a translation?2018-04-06T11:17:01+02:00

We work in over 80 languages. We are able to offer services in many different language combinations, including unusual ones, safe in the knowledge that we are offering an accurate and professional service thanks to our strictly native speaking translators.