Thanks to the financialsupport of the Umbria region with reference to the call for bids: “Sportello 2016 per l’Innovazione Digitale nelle PMI”, Transitus Group Srlhasbeeneligible for funding for the improvement of twostrategicareas. First oneisaboutCloud Computing, a cloudsystemcreationcondivision for sharing and processing data betweenTransitus Group, clients and suppliersgenerating the following benefits:

saving due to no more necessaryinitial and furtherinvestments on software and hardware.
Greater flexibility: the possibility of an easy and rapidadaptation of the contracttermsdepending on greater or lesserneeds.
Greater attention to its core business: human energyisfreedbeforeitiscompletelydedicated to the management of the infrastructure.
The management of all the architectureisrequested from the supplier.
Increasedscalability: faced with the need for more or lessresources, the manager can expand or limit the infrastructure with extremeflexibility.
Access to the cloud on the move: data can be connected from anywhere and atany time.
System security: possibility to put in place a security systemaimedatprotecting data and networks with servicesalwaysbacked up by backup.
Independence from peripherals: being online programs and data, you are notbound to use particular hardware or certain network configurations, butanydevicecapable of Internet connection is just enough.

Moreover, always with the Umbria regioncontribution, Transitus Group Srl society hasbeenable to contribute to realise an e-commerce website for translationservicespackages online sale.

Thanks to thisfinancialsupport, Transitus Group Srl society hasextended the level of service provided, creating a growth in terms of turnover and employees.