When translating catalogues, instruction handbooks or any other types of materials containing multiple languages, quality formatting is essential in ensuring the text is easy to understand, developing a layout with a clean look that’s easy to read.

This activity often goes hand-in-hand with translations, to the point where almost all translation agencies now offer this service.

So why is the Transitus multilingual formatting and layout service different to others?

Our graphic design department is run by Adobe Certified Experts (ACE), an exclusive certification held by very few operators in Italy. Their advanced technical skills allow optimised language switching within graphic files, something other professionals are simply not able to do.

Together with our programmers, we have also developed software systems that simplify and partially automate language switching processes: through a plugin connecting Trados (the translation management software) and the graphic programme used, we create semi-formatted files that are then checked by the formatter and sent to the client in a high-resolution PDF format; essentially a print preview in rapid time, at an affordable cost.

We can work with:

  • more than 30 languages per page proof
  • all types of font, including Cyrillic characters, Oriental alphabets and typographic characters with accents and universal glyphs
  • texts with right-to-left scripts (such as those in Arabic) using specific InDesign functions for Middle Eastern languages or top-to-bottom (for example in Japanese)

Beyond multilingual layouts

We translate and prepare the layout of all types of contents in whichever format you desire, but we can also touch up photos, search for images, manage CAD files and exploded view drawings and work directly on programming languages (XML or HTML).

We work with: Microsoft Office Suite®; QuarkXPress®; Adobe Indesign®, Illustrator®, PageMaker®, Framemaker®,  Photoshop®; Autocad®; Corel Draw®; Macromedia Dreamweaver®, Fireworks®, Freehand® and Flash®.