Cat Tools

Third-party technologies

CAT tools are third-party resources that we purchase with a licence to fully exploit the potential of translation memories.

Translation memories are a system of saved terms that have already been translated for a client’s texts and which are used to create a database that can be consulted for the client’s future jobs. They contain information regarding the terminology and style of translations; this makes them a precious resource for translators, who by following these guidelines are able to maintain a high-quality standard of work and continuity between texts.

The terms in translation memories have not been automatically translated, they are the result of our translators’ work. If after the first translation job you assign as a second one, the translator in charge of the new job (who may either be the same person or a different person if the former is not available) can rely on the terminology and stylistic choices previously made to translate your texts.

We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our services, which is why you’ll have:

dedicated translation memories (a glossary specific to your company);

one memory for each language in which you have requested a translation, even rare languages;

– a head translator responsible for each language, who will periodically check and perfect the glossary. The revisers are the managers of this process.

Trados partner

Transitus is one of the few agencies to have been selected as a partner to Trados, one of the best software programmes in the world in terms of methods, organisation, content fruition, layout and optimisation of translation processes.

Each step is coordinated by our project managers, who monitor all stages of the project’s development.


We offer our collaborators the best technology available in the translation market: software programmes such as ACROSS, MEMOQ and WORDFAST optimise the processing times and methods of the project, saving ourselves and the final client both time and money.

By carefully managing and organising the entire work flow, all professionals involved in the process are able to enjoy the best working conditions to offer clients professional, high-quality translations.