Transitus Group Technologies

Transitus has developed a number of in-house technological tools to facilitate work flow sharing with the client and their contribution to the company glossary:


An exclusive portal allowing the independent monitoring of the status of projects at any given time.

T-GATE is a reserved area that provides an overall picture of the work flow: you can download historical invoices, monitor translation works right up until their completion, check on the status of quotes. A practical tool always at your disposal to offer timely responses and a streamlined, efficient service.


T-Term is the tool used to build a personalised glossary for your company, containing specific and localised terms used in your translations; any additions to the glossary can be approved by yourselves, thus allowing their use in future projects. In this way, you can enjoy excellent results in minimal time, but above all consistency in the choice of terminology and stylistic approach, regardless of who is assigned your future translations; your texts will speak one language only: yours.


To complete our range of tools, we have developed plugins to automatically and rapidly calculate the exact percentage of repeated words in any document. This means the translator can avoid translating the same sentence or words twice in different ways, selecting the formula most suited to the specific context.